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Social-Emotional - Gifted and Advanced Learners

Explore this page for resources and links to support the social-emotional needs

of gifted and advanced learners.

Gifted and advanced learners have unique psychological needs, and parents and educators can do much to provide appropriate support for gifted and advanced learners so that they thrive academically and social-emotionally. 

Helping children to develop resilience, set goals, develop a growth mindset, and respond positively to criticism are some ways that parents and educators can provide support. Parent and educators can also help them learn coping skills to manage anxiety and stress, perfectionism, and to develop self-acceptance and confidence.

In this regard, we hope that the resources on this page will be helpful to parents and educators.

*Perspectives/information shared on this page or via links do not necessarily reflect the views of the IAGC.

Supporting Children During Challenging Times (e.g., Covid-19):

Books and journals of note:

  • Neihart, M., Pfeiffer,S., and Cross,T. (Eds) (2015) The social and emotional development of gifted children: What do we know? (2nd edition). Prufrock Press
  • Peters, D. B. (2013). From worrier a warrior: A guide to conquering your fears. Great Potential Press.
  • Sanguras, L. Y., (2017). Grit in the classroom: Building perseverance for excellence in today’s students. Prufrock Press.
  • Siegle, D. (2012). The underachieving gifted child. Prufrock Press. 
  • Mofield, E. L., & Parker Peters, M. (2018). Shifting the Perfectionistic Mindset: Moving to Mindful Excellence. Gifted Child Today, 41(4), 177 –185. 9

Additional sites to explore:


The Supporting Needs of the Gifted foundation (SENG) is a non-profit organization who's aim is to support the needs of the gifted.

SENG Logo_Transparent.png


The National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) website includes a social-emotional information page, and provides specific resources related to Covid-19.


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