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Parent Networking ideas...

  • Organize an IAGC Parent Coffee or Event.  Would you like to have a "parent coffee" networking event for parents of children with advanced learning needs? Do you have a topic of interest in your community related to advocacy or meeting the social-emotional or academic needs of gifted children? Invite an IAGC representative to share resources and expertise with your PTA or interested parents in your community!  Contact us here. 
  • Join with other parents to advocate in your school district and in our state for funding and programming to support advanced learners. When parents who share a common concern work and speak with one voice, advocacy becomes even more effective. For a useful resource to create a parent advocacy group in your community, you may wish to access the free e-book from the NAGC and Prufrock Press, The National Association for Gifted Children Starting and Sustaining a Parent Group to Support Gifted Children. You may also contact the IAGC for support at
  • Organize a regular get together in your local or school community to network and discuss topics related to supporting children with gifts and talents.  Imagine how great it would be if there was a monthly coffee at your local library with parents of other gifted kids in your local community talking about how to feed these kids' hunger for knowledge, discussing a current book or article related to gifted education, or for effectively managing and finding strategies to help our children overcome anxiety and perfectionism . Let’s create one of those in every community in Illinois! Invite us here.

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