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"I Just Learned My Child is gifted"

As a parent of gifted children let me assure you, we have all had this experience: Someone tells you that your child is gifted and that you need to learn more about what that means. You think to yourself:  
"But wait, gifted means my kid is  bright, so I don't have to worry about her, right?"
This is true for some parents of gifted children, but certainly not all!  Gifted children learn faster and think deeper than their age-mates. Fundamentally, this is a learning difference, and can cause disconnects, particularly in the classroom.  These disconnects matter, and are something of which a parent needs to be aware. There are also other attributes that many gifted children share that can be useful to understand.  

If you are just beginning this journey into giftedness, here are some places to begin:



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