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About Cheryl Beasley

Cheryl started her teaching Career over Cheryl started 19 years ago as a 6th/7th grade Math teacher in a suburban junior high school.  As she instinctively differentiated her instruction and used guided math in her classroom, she realized other teachers began asking her about her methods and successfully began implementing them. 

Later she became the K-8 Math Differentiation Specialist for Gifted and Talented students and worked with administrators, assistant superintendents and curriculum directors.  In this position she had the opportunity to provide monthly Professional Development (PD) for teachers K-8.  Her passion is to meet all level learners and teach the standards with fidelity and rigor.  For the past 9 years she has worked with hundreds of school districts to help facilitate better math curriculum and instruction. Cheryl brings teacher-tested, best practices to educators in her trainings with a positive attitude always.  She incorporates differentiation and technology while introducing cutting edge and innovative strategies to math teachers.  

IAGC Professional Learning Sessions to Help Meet Needs of Advanced Learners in Mathematics! Free for Members!

About the Sessions:

As we continue to embark on distance learning or hybrid or face to face, we want to continue to advance students’ thinking at a higher level.  Rigor is a balance of conceptual, procedural and application knowledge.  How can we structure our math curriculum to balance all three? 

We will look at some facilitative strategies for building rigor and how to promote higher order thinking skills.  A few topics that will be covered during our time together will be; standard investigation, rich tasks, open-ended questioning, Bloom’s Taxonomy, facilitating learning through good questioning and providing feedback to support and scaffold student learning.  We will investigate the standards to make sure we are teaching with the depth and rigor required. 

All level learners need to continue to show growth, specific strategies will be shared in order to challenge our students who are functioning at or above grade level.  Having a facilitative approach will increase the rigor of any subject. 

Two different sessions are provided based on student grade levels. Please choose the K-4 session or the Grades 5-8 session depending upon the grade level that you teach.

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