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IAGC Professional Standards 

Overview of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children Standards for Educators of Gifted/Talented

In 1998, the IAGC committee on Standards began working to develop standards for educators of gifted/talented students. IAGC Board of Directors passed the standards on Saturday, April 8, 2000. The Performance Standards were revised in February 5, 2012; and the Knowledge Standards were revised on April 16, 2012. There are several introductory points that may assist those who are looking at these standards for the first time.

First, the standards have been developed to align with the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards. Thus, there are 11 standards, each with Knowledge and Performance indicators. The standards for educators of gifted/talented are designed to go beyond the expectations for teachers that comprise the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards. Each standard has benchmarks that describe what an educator of gifted/talented learners should know and be able to do at each of three levels:

  • Novice Level is a teacher who may just be starting in the profession or one who is just beginning to work with gifted/talented learners.
  • Experienced Level is one who has been in the profession more than four years and who works directly with identified gifted/talented learners as a resource teacher, teacher of a cluster group or self-contained classroom, or teacher of an honors or advanced class.
  • Expert Level is a professional who may have responsibility to coordinate, direct or otherwise manage programs for gifted/talented learners and who provides leadership to other professionals who work with gifted/talented learners.

It is not expected that every professional will be at the Expert level for all 11 standards, but these descriptors may serve as guidelines to communicate expectations for proficiencies, to plan undergraduate and graduate courses for educators, and to determine needs for professional development for individuals and school districts.

A committee representing teachers, administrators, coordinators, parents, ROE consultants and university faculty has developed these standards. Groups and individuals have reviewed drafts and have given valuable feedback, much of which has been incorporated into subsequent drafts.

It is our expectation that these standards will eventually be accepted by the Illinois State Board of Education and incorporated into the standards that define professionals in our state.

Questions and responses should be directed to: IAGC, 800 E. Northwest Highway, Suite 610, Palatine, IL 60074-6512. Phone: 847-963-1892 FAX: 847-963-1893

Professional Teaching Standards for Teachers of Gifted/Talented Learners

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