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"What can I Do To Support IAGC?"

The Illinois Association for Gifted Children is working to make Illinois a more gifted-friendly state.  What can parents do to help the IAGC achieve this goal?  
  1. IAGC is advocating on behalf of gifted students in Springfield.  How can you help?
    • Become a member of IAGC.  Membership  
    • Encourage others to join IAGC or sign up for the IAGC mailing list.  sign up here
    • Participate in the law-making by submitting "witness slips" when you are prompted to do so.  This is a quick and easy process, and our emails will walk you through step by step. To be effective, these need to be acted on right away so that our legislators know what issues are important for supporting the needs of advanced learners.
    • Meet your legislators and tell them that educating gifted children is a concern of yours. You could thank them for passing the Accelerated Placement Act and tell them how it has impacted your family.  You could even make an appointment and take your gifted children in to meet their representatives either locally or in Springfield, a family civics project! 
    • Join the Policy and Advocacy Committee, if you are very motivated. Learn More here.
    • Make a donation to IAGC in the name of someone who has been important to your gifted child. Donate here.
  2. IAGC is educating Illinoisans - parents, teachers, administrators, counselors - about giftedness and how to educate gifted children.  Parents are welcome to partake of this training.
    •  Attend the annual, two-day IAGC conference which takes place every year around the beginning of February. This is a great way to learn about giftedness and to meet the people who have expertise in teaching and counseling gifted kids.  You can also expand your network of gifted parents.    Learn more here. 
    • Participate in other professional development training, such as the Gifted Education Seminar, when it is offered.  Learn more here.
    • Attend the February IAGC Conference Parent Saturday – in Naperville. Learn more about it here:  Learn more here.   
  3. IAGC is connecting parents with one another – when you have gifted kids it helps to have a network of parents of gifted kids from whom to learn. 
    • Attend an IAGC Parent Coffee. We arrange a couple of these a year in different parts of the state. What one in your neck of the woods? Contact us with your ideas and suggestions! Contact us here. 
    • Organize a regular get together in your local or school community and invite IAGC to attend!  Imagine how great it would be if there was a monthly coffee at your local library with parents of other gifted kids in your local community talking about how to feed these kids' hunger for knowledge or the advantages of participating in NUMATS or tips for helping soothe anxiety or staunch perfectionism.  Let’s create one of those in every community in Illinois! Invite us here.
  4. Instead of a coffee mug this holiday season or at the end of the school year, consider giving the gift of greater understanding of giftedness to your children’s schools or teachers!  
    • You could offer a teacher an IAGC membership.  Sign up here.
    • You could offer an IAGC institutional membership to your children’s schools.  This would grant IAGC member privileges to all the teachers in the building.  Sign up here.
    • You could offer a day at the annual IAGC conference to a teacher, administrator, social worker or psychologist.  Learn more here.
    • You could make a donation to IAGC in a valued teacher’s name.    Donate here.

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